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  • Blue Wave Australia Pty Ltd
  • Blue Wave Australia Pty Ltd
  • Blue Wave Australia Pty Ltd
  • Blue Wave Australia Pty Ltd
  • Blue Wave Australia Pty Ltd



We are excited to announce that Blue Wave Australia is now under new ownership!

You as one of our valued customers won't see too much difference in the way we operate, we still have the same awesome staff and giving amazing customer service is still our top priority.

We do have a wider range of products for you to choose from now, some of these are:

Round Tube & fittings to suit - 50.8mm & 38.1mm. 

RHS & fittings to suit - 50x10mm, 70x10mm, 50x25mm & 50x50mm. 

Slotted Tube & fittings to suit - 50x50mm, 50x25mm, 40x30mm, 21x25mm, 25mm & 50.8mm. 

Wider range of - Handrail brackets. 

- Balustrade wire fittings. 

- Pre-made & Custom-made posts and Handrail Kits. 

- Glass Adaptors (stand off brackets) 

- Glass Clamps

We have hundreds of standard Glass Pool Fencing & Balustrade panels in stock and ready to go! 

Huge range of Pool Fence hinges, latches and hardware. 

Glass Spigots in square or round profile for Pool Fencing and Balustrading. 

Off the shelf or custom made Glass Shower Screens and Splash Backs. 

Aluminium and Glass Balustrade Kits, Pool Fence Panels, Slat & Louver Screens, Handrails

About us

Blue Wave (Australia) Pty Ltd has been operating since 2007 and is a subsidiary of Blue Wave A/S, Denmark. Blue Wave A/S has for more than 80 years produced stainless steel fittings for the marine and structural industries from its headquarters in Denmark. Blue Wave A/S is currently among the top three largest manufacturers of high quality stainless steel rigging hardware in the world with their focus being on the Marine, Architectural and industrial sectors.

Today Blue Wave's product range covers one of the most extensive ranges of stainless steel wire fittings, ranging from 2mm to 32mm.

Blue Wave (Australia) Pty Ltd has an extensive stock holding of both Marine and industrial stainless steel fittings as well as a fully equipped workshop for production of stainless steel wire rope stays.

Our workshop equipment includes presses from Talurit AB, Sweden and terminal swagers from Wireteknik, Sweden.

Managing Director Erik Lorentzen has been in the stainless steel industry for more than 32 years, with his extensive knowledge, experience and skill what he doesn't know about stainless steel isn't worth knowing. This combined with the more than 10 years experience in technical sales and estimating of Craig O'Brien, makes Blue Wave (Australia) Pty Ltd is a powerful force in the industry.

Add to this the fact that the dedicated members of the team at Blue Wave are some of the best in their chosen fields and have been with the company from the very beginning and you can see the knowledge base is invaluable. All members of the team have a genuine desire to be the best and to give the best service possible to back up a prestige quality product.

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